My Time has been really good for Tom’s transition

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Tom Shah is 24 and has been using Certitude’s My Time Service on week days ever since he left school six years ago. His Mum was apprehensive about Tom leaving the security of the statutory education system but has been pleasantly surprised by how well Tom has adjusted and how much knowledge he appears to have gained.

My Time is a person-centred service provided by Certitude which aims to support people with learning disabilities to live the kind of life they want to lead. Based in Ealing it offers a range of activities on site at the Activity and Resource Centre (ARC) in Greenford as well plenty of opportunities to get and about.

Mrs Shah says:

“Tom’s learning disability means that he didn’t really conform to the national curriculum during his school years. The fairly rigid nature of the system didn’t really suit him. With My Time he gets to do things that he is interested in and, perhaps most importantly, gets a choice about when he does things.

A Certitude My Time carer picks Tom up every day and they travel to the ARC on public transport which Tom enjoys. The team seem to have found a good balance between letting him choose what he wants to do as well as understanding that sometimes you have to work with a group. Tom likes to be doing things and keeping busy, he enjoys being outside, going for walks and having picnics. The My Time approach seems to suit him and my husband and I have been really pleased with how much he seems to have developed over the last few years.

Friends and relatives who visit us from abroad, and only see Tom once or twice a year, have really noticed a difference in his confidence and independence. We feel happy because we know that Tom is happy – and of course it’s lovely to have a break. Tom has requires a lot of our time so when he’s at My Time I can get on with things so that we are all set for when he comes home.”