Learning Disability Awareness Week – Support from My Breaks team is “priceless”

Ian is 44 and lives at home with his Mum and Dad who are 78 and 80 respectively. Although Ian is able to manage a lot of things for himself, his learning disability and cerebral palsy mean he is still dependent on his parents for a great deal of practical and emotional support.

Ian with Lisa, on a My Breaks holiday

My Breaks is a Certitude service which gives carers a break and the person they are caring for something interesting and stimulating to do. Ian has recently finished a ten week course at The Brit School, a performing arts school attended by the likes of Adele and Leona Lewis, where he took classes with Brit School students and then performed in a show. For the Autumn he has just signed up for a My Breaks art appreciation course visiting galleries across London. Many My Breaks activities are one day a week but Ian has also taken longer holidays with My Breaks; last year he spent a week in Turkey.


For his full-time carer parents this respite time is invaluable. Ian’s Mum, Jean comments:

“That week’s break in particular is worth about a million pounds if I could write you a cheque! We drop him off and drive away feeling so carefree – it lifts a great weight off us for a few days. I know Ian is having a great time – he gets on brilliantly with the people who run the service and he loves to be out with people his own age, doing and seeing new things – and my husband and I get the chance to rest.

“We are getting older and I’ve had a few health problems so it’s hard work for us to look after Ian all the time. We can’t take him out as much we would like to he so it’s really nice to have a service like My Breaks to get Ian out and about doing something fun – and we get some much-needed time to ourselves.”