Mental Health: Unrestricted

Mental Health: Unrestricted is a short documentary exploring the personal experiences of mental health by young people in the London Borough of Brent. The young people were given space to say what they really feel, their fears and hopes for the future. You will hear that mental health is real and can affect anyone. Mental health is challenging, but getting through difficult situations makes you stronger and can help you realise your true potential. This film was produced by Fanon Community Development Workers and directed by Jonathan Nyati, a film producer and actor based at South Kilburn Studios.


The film was also supported by Kilburn Youth Centre, Addaction, Music and Change, and NHS Brent, as part of a wider programme of work to improve the wellbeing of young adults aged 18-25. The focus of this work is to encourage a dialogue about mental health, so young adults are more confident about accessing services at the earliest opportunity. Raising awareness of mental health and wellbeing, including how to cope and where to get help is part of a more preventative approach to mental health. The film can also be used as a training resource for services who engage with young people including mental health professionals and the police.

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