Offering new ways to communicate

Speech therapist gains valuable experience volunteering with Certitude

intensive interaction turqVolunteering at Certitude has given a newly-qualified speech therapist valuable experience which has helped her career, while the people Certitude supports are benefitting from her commitment, expertise and compassion.

When we were looking for someone to work alongside our Intensive Interaction specialist in London, City University’s speech therapy department seemed like a good place to start. Kate had recently completed her course and came forward; she was keen to try out her new skills.

Kate began working with a group of older people who have a learning disability living in Certitude-supported housing in Streatham. She started just over a year ago and has been offering her services around twice a month ever since. The time Kate had given our Intensive Interaction specialist, Lucy, has enabled us to achieve much more than if Lucy had been working on her own. Using a range of Intensive Interaction techniques Lucy and Kate have been able to reach out to all the individuals in the house, building their confidence and offering them new ways to communicate. Thanks to Kate’s support each person now has a communication profile which states their communication needs, how best to communicate with them and what they might mean by particular actions.

Kate says she enjoys the freedom volunteering has given her to do so much hands-on work, without having to be too involved in the paperwork:

“Volunteering has been a great experience for me. Lucy has taught me so much, especially about the importance of process – how to make things happen (not just wanting to make something happen). I have witnessed how people making small everyday changes, and keeping to them, can really make a huge difference in their lives. I am looking forward to taking this knowledge with me into my new role as a full-time speech therapist.”

We wish Kate every success with her new job and are delighted that she still plans to volunteer with Certitude in her spare time.

If you are interested in volunteering with Certitude, we provide a diverse range of volunteering opportunities to people of all skill levels and experience, and we pride ourselves on offering an inclusive, stimulating and supportive environment. You can contact us directly at or click here for more information