Paralympic Board Games!

Philippa Laughton, Board member and Games Maker!

Philippa Laughton, one of our Board members, is a volunteer Games Maker at the Paralympics.

Philippa says she has been having a wonderful time and feels she has been really lucky to have been given the chance. Philippa has been based at the Riverbank Arena in the Olympic Park. Her role has been to help volunteers when they arrive for their shift – doing things like making sure they have their meal vouchers and know what is happening that day. She has also driven a buggy to help disabled volunteers get around the huge Olympic site. There have been so many good bits but the best bit has been getting a ticket to watch the 5 a side football when Great Britain were playing Argentina (it was a draw). The only hard bit has been getting up at 4 o’clock in the morning to start her shifts before 6 o’clock. Philippa is pictured wearing her uniform in the Olympic Park and also in the buggy she drove around.