Partnering with Sainsbury’s to support more people with disabilities in Wandsworth

Launching our Sainsbury's partnershipThroughout 2014-15 we’re working in partnership with Sainsbury’s in Balham. We were delighted to be selected as their Local Charity Partner for 2014-15 and are working in partnership to raise awareness and support for our projects in Wandsworth borough.

Certitude and Sainsbury’s are working together to deliver peer-led Life Skills presentations to young adults with learning disabilities in Wandsworth. We have delivered a similar programme inTower Hamlets and look forward to bringing this programme to schools in the borough. Sainsbury’s Local Charity Partner Scheme has been running since 2009 and to date has raised over £6 million for local charities.

Through support from Sainsburys, we are also planning to extend our existing Travel Buddies service within Wandsworth. This service supports people with learning disabilities to get used to using public transport – the ultimate aim is that they’re able to use buses, trains and the tube without our support. Most of our Travel Buddies have a learning disability, and the service currently operates during office hours only, but we’d like to extend this to cover evenings too so that those we support can experience London’s nightlife too.

We are also aiming to recruit more carers under our Shared Lives scheme. Shared Lives is a service whereby an adult with a disability lives with someone who supports them within their own home. We don’t have as many Shared Lives carers as we’d like at the moment and through our partnership with Sainsbury’s we’re planning to recruit more, extending our service and providing support to more people in Wandsworth.

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