Prison gates mentor plan for released inmates

Every prisoner released in England and Wales should have their own mentor to help them get their lives back on track,  says Chris Grayling, Justice Secretary.  At Beyond Prison we know how valuable this is.  Our award winning Beyond Prison service has been working for over 10 years supporting people who have mental health needs when they are released from prison.

The Grayling plan would be co-ordinated by private and voluntary sector groups who would be paid if re-offending was reduced.   The mentors would help with finding housing and training opportunities.

Chris Grayling said “When someone leaves prison, I want them already to have a mentor in place to help them get their lives back together. I want them to be met at the prison gate, to have a place to live sorted out and above all someone who knows where they are, what they are doing, and can be a wise friend to prevent them from reoffending.”

Currently almost half of adult prisoners are re-convicted within a year of release.  Beyond Prison has proven that this needn’t be the case.

BBC article and video of Chris Grayling