Question Time comes to Certitude!

On the 24th of February Dr Rupa Huq, MP for Ealing Central and Acton, visited two of our supported houses within her constituency.

Dr Huq wanted to meet people with learning disabilities to find out how they find living in the local area and connecting with the community. However, we doubt she expected the grilling she received from one of the people we support, Naoise Carver-Nolan.

Knowing that his local MP was coming round for a chat, Naoise prepared a series of questions for Dr Huq covering a range of hot political topics including Brexit, Donald Trump and Special Needs Education. Naoise’s carefully thought out questions were the kind usually featured on BBC Question Time such as “How long will it take Theresa May to sort out Brexit?” and ‘What do you think about Donald Trump and a ban in the UK?”.

Naoise said meeting Dr Huq “was very good and I enjoyed every moment”.

Deputy Manager Jenny Plummer was delighted that Naoise was able to ask his questions. She told us: “He thought the questions up and wrote them down himself. It was lovely that Dr Huq had time to chat with him and the other people in the house about the things which are important to them.”

Dr Rupa Huq’s visit is one of several such events taking place across Certitude services. In December Dr Tania Mathias MP met with residents at Cross St and The Lodge and in the same month Ruth Cadbury MP attended a Christmas performance by the Certitude Community Choir at the London Museum of Water and Steam in Kew.