Ride London Report

Laura Mason rides for Certitude

In the week leading up to Ride London, the weather forecast was looking increasingly worrying. The tale end of Hurricane Bertha was en route to Britain. If it came our  way, we could expect a day of ‘wild weather’ according to Michael Fish. I was hoping that Michael Fish would stick with his storm predicting tradition and be wrong. He wasn’t.

On the plus side, I now know that it’s entirely possible and, in some ways, quite fun to cycle for 6 hours in ‘wild weather.’ My start time was 8: 03 (very precise) At 7:58, while I was still queuing, it started raining lightly. By 9 it was semi torrential. Every couple of hours the sun would come out for half an hour or so, which was a mixed blessing as you’d dry off, but then very swiftly you’d start to feel rather like a boil in the bag kipper in your waterproofs. Then it would rain again.

Despite all that, the event itself was wonderful. Cycling on closed roads in London is an amazing experience, especially cycling back down the mall (no one was pretending to be a professional cyclist, definitely not me)  I was also incredibly grateful for the amount of people who stood out in the rain, shivering in plastic ponchos, to cheer us on. 20,700 cyclists completed Ride London this year and next year the event is likely to be extended to 35,000. It was lovely to see that, despite adverse conditions, so many people just got on with it and enjoyed it. Bring on 2015 (and next year, a dry one might be nice!)

My ride raised £280 for accessible bikes for the Activity and Resource Centre in Greenford.

Laura Mason