Student Senel shares her experience with My Breaks and the BRIT school

Senel has just completed the 6 week course (as part of our 10 week performing arts course) working with Certitude’s My Breaks service and she writes about her experiences.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Certitude, and have found it to be an incredible experience in which I have bonded with people from other strands, as well as do work with some of the most inspirational people I have ever met!

I really enjoyed seeing the parents reactions. Not only did they look proud, but also moved by the performance. I think this made a lot of us, including myself, very emotional. We began to realise that we did in fact have a overwhelming effect on our friends from Certitude. More than we may have realised. This is when I realised our overall responsibility; to ensure that our friends from Certitude learn and grow as people and have fun!

For more information about the BRIT school and the My Breaks service, please contact Jake Meyer or Nicole Griffiths on 020 8772 6222.