The Challenge Network comes to Greenford

Just thought you would like to hear about the a new project we are embarking on with The Challenge Network over the summer! The Challenge Network is an organisation which exists to help young people make a difference to their local communities and connect with people from different backgrounds .

Last week, a group of 12 young people came to the Activity and Resource Centre in Greenford to meet customers from the Breakaway and My Time services, and the people we support in the Greenford service. They were extremely positive sessions – really energetic and upbeat. It was fantastic to see the ‘Challengers’, all local young people aged 16, quite effortlessly adapt to interacting with customers with varied communication. Really impressive, especially considering many of these young people had never spent time with anyone with a disability before.  The ‘Challengers’ all said they really enjoyed their visit to the Activity and Resource Centre and some enquired about becoming volunteers with us, which is even better!

Two more dates are planned with The Challenge Network over the summer –  and hopefully beyond that too as an ongoing partnership – firstly a group will be doing some fundraising for us, then in September a group will be coming  to do some volunteering work in the garden with our Volunteer Co-ordinator, Daniel Rutland,  and his Supported Volunteers.