The Low Review on the proposed removal of DLA mobility benefit

On 3 November Lord Low launched the report of his independent review into the proposed removal of the DLA mobility benefit for anyone living within state funded residential care. Should the proposal go ahead, this will obviously have significant implications for a number of people we support.

Lord Low found overwhelming evidence that there is not a financial overlap between the support provided by the benefit and by local authorities / providers.  The Low review goes on to make a number of recommendations for improving the control people with disabilities have over their mobility benefits.

Certitude contributed to this review and is cited within the report – many thanks to the staff who provided the evidence that was presented at the oral evidence session including Dominic Shingleton, Stuart McQueen, Debbie Wallace, Allyson Clancy, Lewis Wallis, Rashim Kanwar, Tracy Penfold and Derrie Evans.

The report can be found here  The Low Review