Thrill Seekers!

Following on from Ride London and the Quiz Night held earlier this year, the next stop for Thackray Williams was jumping 12,000 feet out of a plane!

Here, the team from Thackray Williams tells us about their experience…

“Four of the bravest Thackray Williams staff members signed up for the challenge of jumping 12,000ft out of an aeroplane in order to raise money for Certitude, our firm’s Charity of the Year. All of us were very excited (and equally nervous) to embrace the challenge and make a memory that will last a lifetime, whilst also raising funds for such a worthwhile cause.

Unfortunately, the first time we set off on our 6:30am start on a dark and gloomy Saturday morning we were turned away and told weather conditions were too bad to jump (we hadn’t even thought about weather conditions before this point!) and had to rearrange. Who knew that we would re-arrange the jump for the day the hurricane came, and the pink sky filled the air…. still we ventured to the skydiving centre full of optimism only to be told that London Air Traffic control laughed at our request at wanting to jump out a plane in such conditions. Finally, after the third attempt we were successful in our challenge. An impromptu visit on a Friday afternoon when conditions were perfect… Kevin set off in the morning and completed his jump followed by Katie, Steph and Leanne in the afternoon (over a beautiful sunset!). All of us were thrilled at having the opportunity for such an amazing experience, and raising £1,600 at the same time. Certitude is such a fantastic charity and it was an honour to jump to jump for them. Now we are planning our next adrenaline adventure!”

You can watch the skydive in all its glory here.

You can still donate to support Thackray Williams thrilling skydive here.