Time to breathe

When 25-year old Beccy enjoys a few days at Certitude’s Hounslow respite home, her mum, Jenny, also gets a break. 

This Carers Week we’re saluting full time family carers and sharing the benefits of a bit of respite.

Jenny tells us how this partnership with Certitude is beneficial for both herself and Beccy…

“My daughter Beccy has a learning disability and has little, or no sense of danger, so we have to watch her very carefully and she can’t really go anywhere on her own. I’m not thinking about her living away from us full time now because I want to keep her close by, but it means we do most things together and she’s always with me. Sometimes, this can make it difficult to get life organised or even simple things, like having a private conversation.

We were only made aware that we could access respite services a couple of years ago but now Beccy goes to the Hounslow respite home once a month for a few days each time, she always looks forward to it. I know Beccy enjoys meeting other people staying there and all the staff seem to appreciate her amazing sense of humour! While she’s at the service, I know I don’t have to worry about Beccy at all. I have complete confidence in the staff support team and know that she will be safe and happy and that any issues will be dealt with professionally.

Having few days each month when Beccy is away means I can have a bit of time for myself and the rest of the family. It gives me time to think and breathe.”

To find out more about Certitude’s respite services click here.