Topman fundraising

This summer, Topman helped us with a spot of gardening. We think that their interview with Sam, our Community Fundraiser highlights the multiple rewards and benefits of working with us.

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Tell us about why Topman gets involved with organisations like Certitude.

At Topman, we’re really keen to use our size and influence to help out the communities that we operate in. Our people tell us that they love opportunities to give back and have fun with their workmates and this is one of the ways we can provide that type of experience.

We know there are lots of places you can volunteer on projects like this, so we’re always touched when a team selects us. Why did you pick us?

The big pull factor for an organisation like Certitude is the good they do for people with learning disabilities and mental health support needs. We had a list of really worthwhile projects to choose from, but the human factor was the cause that clinched it. It was important for all involved that it felt like a worthy and meaningful experience.

There are a lot of misconceptions about mental health services and the people that use them, so what were you guys expecting? Were you nervous?

I think we were more nervous about the manual labour we had ahead of us! Overall, it was important for us to be helping people and it was lovely to get a sense of how important the project was for them.

We love the time-lapse video, found here. Were there any particular highlights for you?

The team had so much fun working together to complete the project that it’s difficult to pick a highlight; the best part was probably the sense of achievement we felt when looking at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, and knowing that ‘I helped to do that’. Also watching Del, (the MD’s PA) getting a little carried away with pruning had a few people LOLing!

For the people we support, having a beautiful garden is a huge deal. Did you get a sense of the impact of your work while you were there?

It was incredibly apparent by the gratitude received from the charity and the residents that our work meant a great deal. We hope that the changes we’ve made last a long time and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Did you get to meet any of the people we support? If you did, how did it go?

Yes, we met quite a few people! Some were really chatty, others opted to watch from afar. Some of the guys were also kind enough to make us a few sarnies to help celebrate our achievement!

The garden was transformed; it must have been really satisfying to see what you’d achieved. How did you feel afterwards?

It was fantastic, we were all buzzing and felt much closer as a team after completing it together. All in all, it was bags of fun!

Anything you want to add?

This experience has really inspired us to do things like this more often. We’re looking into a programme focused on how we can give more back to our communities through our employees and help organisations like Certitude in the future.