We’re Big Draw winners!

We are delighted to announce that the Creative Journey’s team have won The Big Draw’s ‘Founders Choice Award’ for the event held at Redlees Studio in October 2017. 

Certitude collaborated with the artists Nicki Rolls and Lynsey Storer from Redlees Studios, along with students from Brentford School for Girls to run their first Big Draw Event last October.

Everyone was welcomed to join in;  the theme of the event was ‘Living Lines’ and people had the opportunity to leave a creative mark on a map of Hounslow. Regardless of peoples abilities, everyone contributed in putting their creative thoughts into practice and came up with some brilliant artwork.

Participants used maps as a starting point for ‘Living Lines’; a range of materials were used for drawing from traditional media such as pencil and pen and extended to wire and 3D resources. They were able to share their ideas, express their feelings, and learn new skills from each other.

We had artists who volunteered in supporting individuals who needed some guidance. One person from Hounslow stated “I am so glad I came in as I have thoroughly enjoyed myself never had I done any creative work as this before. This person, who is supported by Certitude said “I have had a great time today meeting everyone and painting”. She then displayed her work – a drawing which was a replica map of Hounslow – her house, the café she loves going to was also displayed on her map.

Nicki Rolls stated It was great to have such a high turnout! Felt there was a great creative energy and was good to see people trying out things they never done before. The girls from Brentford School helped to make it a positive, fun day.” We had around thirty people join in from all backgrounds/ages/abilities, and everyone enjoyed Miriam Spinelli’s classical and jazz music through out the day which added to the energy and ambience of the event.

Anita Sangha, Community Connector, Hounslow: “It was an absolute pleasure working together on this collaborated project with Redlees Studios and Brentford School for Girls.  I still can’t believe that we won the award – I look forward to working on future projects together.”

Andy Kee, Artist: “As art develops so do the people.”

Nicki Rolls, Artist: “All the artists at Redlees Studios are delighted to have won this national award! The day went really well and it was a lot of fun working with people from Certitude, so to win an award was just the cherry on the cake! It puts us and Hounslow Borough on the map so people can come and find out more about our studios and our creative activities.” 

Huge congratulations to all the winners and nominees.

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