Learning Disability Support

We have over 25 years experience supporting people with learning disabilities and autism to have as much control and choice over their lives as possible, to achieve their goals and dreams for a good life.

Not everyone wants or needs the same thing so our support is tailored to the individual. Some people require support 24/7 – and we can offer that.  However, many people need a more flexible approach. They want to get on with their lives, with us supporting in the background. This means supporting people to get out and about, make new friends, contribute to their local community, explore new interests or find employment.

For many people, having a learning disability can bring a range of additional issues or challenges. These can include being understood if speech isn’t used to communicate, additional health conditions such as epilepsy as well as physical and or sensory impairments. Our support teams are trained to be competent and confident in supporting each persons individuals needs. To find out more about our approach to positive support please click here.

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