A whole new world

The Magic Carpet has finally arrived at The Dominion Centre!

Laura, Day Opportunities Manager at the Dominion and Sam, Community Fundraiser, tell us more about the journey of the Magic Carpet (which you can see in action below) and how it came to life…

“Recently, we welcomed families, friends and fundraisers to join us at The Dominion Centre to celebrate the arrival of our new Magic Carpet, an interactive projection system that people can engage with simply by moving on or over the projected images.

Back in October 2015, Sam asked us ‘what do you want to have at the Dominion?’ and that was where the journey began. We had a 2-hour trial with Sensory Guru, testing the Magic Carpet and watching everyone’s faces light up when they took control of their environment was what really sold it to us.

Now it’s finally here, we’ve already seen huge benefits which have made everyone’s efforts worthwhile. From kicking our legs about and making fish swim away, to competitive games of football; swiping into different colours and catching fruit in baskets; even smashing different emoji faces hearing the different responses (the sick face shouting ‘bleurgh’ being a particular favourite), everyone is getting involved and having a blast!

People now have moments of complete independence

The Magic Carpet means people with limited dexterity can reach out and affect their world, creating an environment which allows for self-discovery. It is helping to forge friendships through team work and friendly competition and ultimately support developing skills that can be transferred to other areas of life.”

Laura Crouch, Day Opportunities Manager

“It is very easy to fall into the trap of assuming that people are out for themselves, taking what they can. But don’t believe everything you hear! People are warm, loving and willing to help their community in any way they can; you just need to ask.

You need to inspire people and, as a fundraiser, to be inspired. My life is made much easier working with people like Laura, people who passionately believe in what they’re doing and don’t see the barriers – even if they come with an £8,000 price tag!

My job is a genuine privilege. With an organisation like Certitude and magnificent, motivated staff supporting me, conversations with potential funders are easy – people get it and they want to help. Our communities are full of businesses who will do what they can to support us, schools who want their students to understand diversity and recognise that people contribute in different ways, and of course, Joe Public, who’s a bit of a legend.

Seeing the difference it has already made to the lives of people we support at The Dominion Centre is the icing on the cake.”

Sam Mason, Community Fundraiser

Our sincere thanks goes to the Southall community, to Featherstone High School for organising a netball tournament and disco to raise funds for the project, Civil Service Faststreamers for collections at tube stations and selling doughnuts in the corridors of Whitehall, TRS foods for donating £1,000, Freemasons for raising £900 through donations and raffles, all our Run to the Beat and Colour Runners for pushing themselves to the limit, Baz Collins for walking 26 miles and Helen Cairns and her Crouch End singers.

We are looking forward to seeing more interaction, development and people’s faces lighting up when they use the Magic Carpet – a whole new world of exciting and amazing opportunities…