You are you. And you are me. And we are all together

Throughout the day we have been sharing what people would tell their younger selves if they had a chance to go back when they were struggling with their mental health.

Here, Baz shares his inspirational Letter of Hope to never stop fighting…

Hi Past Baz, this is Future Baz,I have sent this back in time with an urgent mission for you, the fate of the world, the very universe may depend on it… Well actually no, it’s just the fate of you. That I am still here talking to you from the future shows that you get through this.

It’s just a few years in the future, well about 12 to be precise and you would not believe what has been going on… But know that you’re okay. Actually, better than okay, you’re doing great.

It may not seem like it now (been there done that as I am you from the future remember?!). It may seem bleak, the burn scars still fresh, the moods still swinging, the thoughts in your head still swimming around. The compulsions, the twitches, the panic attacks, the breakdowns. The thoughts that you will never be able to go outside, go to work, meet people, laugh and joke again. Believe me, you will and you do.

I’m at work now typing this up for you and hopefully it can get sent back to 2005 through some Doctor Who type timey wimey thingy to get to you. Incidentally, what do you think of the new series? Isn’t Eccleston a great Doctor? It’s still going you know?

Oops sorry, I digress, anyway once it reaches you know what to do.

Just keep going, every day you get through is a victory. You can’t do this alone. Future Me is here but there are people in your own time that can help you. Friends, family will support you and if they don’t they are not really friends or family. Take the meds, have the therapy, chalk up every time you can get on a bus without bolting for it as a win. You are not stupid, you are not mental, you are you. And you are me. And we are all together.

See you as me in a few years’ time. Good luck.

P.S. I’d just like to say what you went through as me has made me a better person, your strength in fighting this has been an inspiration. I occasionally have my moments but never as bad as what you are going through right now. You are so brave and strong, you may not feel like that now but you are. Keep being you (and me).

Apparently, I’ve just been informed that there is no timey wimey device invented to send this back in time to you. Dammit.

But hang on, I am here and I am fine in the future, writing to you.  So how did you know what to do? Maybe you knew it all along?

Cheers yeah?

Future Baz